Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Work

I am a registered nurse I work in a LTC in Northern MN. I am 50 years old I have had many different jobs, I have been a waitress, a Pinsetter, (waitress in a bowling allyLOL) an Office manager, a bookkeeper, a sales manager, owned my own business. but the I am very proud of my journey to become an RN and the work I do.

In my random things about me I listed my work as number one... I love my job and my work that I do. I actually make a difference in the lives of my residents. My area of interest is Geriatrics. I knew what setting I wanted to work from the moment I decided to become an RN. So every Project i did in school I did was geared toward geriatrics. I think it has given me a step up

I started my career as a nurse at age 45, working as a night CNA, I had sold my Insurance agency. and was boared. I had been looking for job but wasn't finding any thing, they gave me the Job but I am sure that the didn't think I would last. I fell in love with my residents... yes even at night, I did my CNA classes and thought this was easy, so I talked my hubby into letting me go back to college. It took a little longer than I thought. he was a little reluctant. but I started my classes a week late....(another blog entry)

The LPN program was very intense, I learned tons of stuff. I did well in classes. the schedule I kept was Brutal, I worked 9 days a pay period and went to school full time. that 1st semester the first 3 days a week I averaged 2-3 hours of sleep a day. Luckly I discovered online clases. my second semester went better. 20 credits but I also was able to utilize my PTO so I could cut down on my days that I worked. and still kept my full time status so I could keep my Health insurance. That saved the family ton of cash.

The facility that I worked hired me as an LPN, to give me enough hours I still worked as a CNA. I continued most of my NOC shifts, but I was able to work some days as well. I started the Pre Required classes, Chem, Micro Bio, Adv. Phys and abnormal Psyc....

I applyed to the Parttime RN program... it was the 1st time it was offered. it was wonderful to only have to go to the campas 1 day a week. still lots of homework and it took an extra semester but it was worth it to keep on working and keep my health insurance... the pay wasn't really the issue in all of this I had the money from the sale of my business. It was just nice not to have to pay for health insurance.

I graduated May 17th of 2007, I took my NCLEX test on June 12 I passed the 1st time.

My work wanted me to work there as an RN so I was being orientated even before I graduated. so the moment I had my licence # I was on the floor as a Charge Nurse.

Now I am at a differnt facility, I have been there a year. It is really great job.

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