Monday, July 20, 2009

25 Random things about me.

1) I love to work and I love My Job Had a 100hrs on my last pay stub.
2) I went back to college at age 45 and graduated at age 48 as an RN.
3) I work in Long Term Care and love it..I finally have a job where I make a Difference
4) I have two children Ryan age 22 and Tiffany age 28
5) I have only one grandchild Jazmyn age 20 months. (waiting patiently for Ry and Marie
6) I have been Married to Dave Lee for over 30 Years
7) Love animals especially horses.... But Retired from Riding because I don't bounce the way I used to and I hate riding boring horses.
8) I have a passion for gardening... you should see my water garden
9) my favorite TV shows are Bones, Law & order CI, svu and the reg one, CSI Vegas, Miami, and NY, See a Pattern?
10) I am hooked on I visit it every Day..
11) I like connecting with Friends and family on Face book. I signed up a year ago and there was hardly anyone there.
12) I worry about my kids all the time.
13) If you haven't Noticed yet I am the worlds worst speller. ( I did use spell check on word and then paste a copied to here)
14) my mom taught me to read before I went to school... I think I was age 4 or 5
15) when I was littel there was no kindergarten at the school I went to. I started 1st grade at age 6l and a couple weeks later I was in the 2nd grade reading group.
16) in 5th grade I was reading at a college level.
17) when I was 16 I was a page at the Public Library. I made more than minimum wage.. $2.10 an hour. the Librarian let me work as a Librarian during the summer. I found out later that she was talked to about it and she told the board. that I knew more about the library than any college graduate that she knew.
18) I fell off my horse the fall of my junior year and spent a week in intensive care. It took me 6 months to get it back together...but I still maintained a 3.8 grade average that year.(severe head trauma)
19) started dating my hubby David at 16. he asked me out the 1st time at 13....opps.
20) My Mom and daughter are my best friends. My grandma is still living she is 90.
21) Love TV and proud of it.
22) I can read a book and watch TV and follow both.... its a curse and blessing )
23) I am a poor cook. and a messy one
24) I love eating my hubbys cooking, his cooking is great.
25) I am a pen addict. I have a certain pen I like and every time i go to Wal-Mart I buy a package.. I have a huge stock pile. OCD?

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