Sunday, July 26, 2009

confession of an addict

Hi my name is Diane and I am a Pen addict
I have a favorite type a pen… the Pental WOW.. it is inexpensive I get them at Wal-Mart. Every time I go in there I buy a package of 5 for $1.96… they have a point that is just in between fine and Medium, it writes nice and black but not as black as a gel pen, and is so smooth. I was cleaning my office yesterday and I counted 8 packages of five and about 25 loose ones…. LOL… I leave them ever where. on all the nurses stations and see them in every ones pocket so I started putting little labels on them well they are still disappearing… a couple a weeks ago I found an engraver in one of my junk drawers. (Spring cleaning during the last blizzard) I now engrave my pens…. Now they are being returned to my office. Yesterday in Wal-Mart I actually refrained from buying another package.

But fell off the wagon yesterday and bought an 18 pack on Amazon .com. can't wait until it gets here.

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